[E-voting] [US] No Consensus on Voting Machines

Dave Madden sares at Redbrick.DCU.IE
Thu Aug 28 10:17:27 IST 2003

On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 11:14:08AM +0100, adam beecher wrote:
> Is anyone still alive in here or am I talking to myself? Some of the
> responses here are just plain bizarre...

*puts up hand*

Voting for the blind
is always going to be tricky, by touch screen, paper or
any other way that relies on seeing a list of candidates.
(I wonder, are there braille printers?)

Of course in a way e-voting is a great equaliser - just
as blind people may now be unable to see that their
ballot is correct, with e-voting, _everyone_ will be
equally unsure of their vote. (Actually I'm not sure just
how blind people vote at the moment - is it by proxy/with

It's particularly disappointing to see part of the ACLU
oppose the Mercuri method though. I'd have expected the
ACLU to be ultra-wary of e-voting.


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