[E-voting] name

Dave Madden sares at Redbrick.DCU.IE
Mon Jun 9 13:57:09 IST 2003

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 11:07:54AM +0100, Aidan Delaney wrote:
> I believe the reason for the "buy Irish" recommendation is because one of the 
> reasons the Government are using to push e-voting is that it shows Irish 
> technolological prowess.  The counter arguement is that buying a flawed Dutch 
> product dosn't show Irish technological prowess, it shows Dutch techno and 
> Irish stupidity.  I've no problem with any company bidding to develop for the 
> Irish national e-voting product iff it's open-source.

That's fair enough, although it sounds like a
counter-arguement to the Government arguement, rather
than a reason to "buy Irish". 


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