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I don't know him personally but Annrai O'Toole is CEO of CapeClear Software and one of the original founders of IONA
Brendan Tangney appears to be a Computer Science lecturer in TCD  http://www.cs.tcd.ie/tangney/  
Given the participation of some TCD Comp Sci people in the petition anyone know hove Brendan Tangney formed his views
If people want I'll pick up the IT at lunchtime and draft a response from the email below it appears to be weak on a number of points but I'd need to read the original
Points of criticism for anyone to comment on
1. Observable errors can be corrected. What about the unobservable errors, which typically are the major category as readers of the Computer Related Risks mailing list can attest to.
2. Need VVAT to catch the unobservable errors
3. No evidence that manual system is error prone to any significant extent. It does fail in a very secure and safe manner (i.e. just recount)
4. The software for NEDAP is not commercially available - sounds like an attempt at security through obscurity which is not a good approach. Security is much better achieved through peer review and openness 


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There is an opinion piece in today's Irish Times predicated on the argument that an electronic voting system is far less error prone than the manual system. It argues that observable errors can be corrected, thereby increasing accuracy, but then argues against VVAT - very odd. It states that the software on which the NEDAP machine will run is not commercially available.
I am not qualified to respond so perhaps someone eminent on the list would do the honours. I do not have the IT in front of me when writing this but I seem to remember that the authors were a Mr. Annrai O'Toole, and a Mr. Tangney from TCD. Should these people be known to members of the list, perhaps a quiet word will convince them that they have been used as pawns in a propaganda war.
We need to continue getting the message across, particularly coming up to the Commission's Report. It would be interesting were some mischievous person to inform journalists of Michael McMahon's missing submission and of Keith Martin's point as to the proof of it having been sent being through the equivalent of VVAT. 

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