[E-voting] joe on right hook tonight

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Tue Apr 6 17:07:30 IST 2004

Margaret McGaley wrote:

>Bernard Tangney will be on again, on the phone this time
BTs argument on the radio this morning was slightly different from the
article. His main (additional) points were:

    - VVAT is no more than a placebo. he made a comparison with
       when the banks initially allowed people to lodge money through ATMs
       they were able to type in the money amount and get a receipt even
       though the money still had to be counted by a bank official.
       An interesting, but obviously flawed comparison.

     - this stuff is not rocket science. A 4th year student of his, did 
        similar. Judges the system by a simplified understanding of its 
expected behaviour
        rather than the reality of the implementation

     - he described how you could subvert the manual election count by
        just "losing" a few ballot boxes, which he claims would be 
easier than
        subverting the electronic system, which would require all kinds 
of people
        to conspire. He is clearly wrong on both of these premises.

     - the issue is basically about trusting (or not trusting) the Govt. 
and he
        trusts them. Unfortunately for him, these were his last words and
        they left him looking rather naive.

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