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Wed Apr 7 12:31:50 IST 2004

On the basis that a shorter letter is better I've drafted the following 

If people are happy with it I'll send to the Times on behalf of the ICTE


Annrai O'Toole and Brendan Tangney  (IT 6/4/04) call for rational disussion while recklessly using emotive and pejorative terms such as 'luddite' and 'so-called expert'. They debate the abstract merits of a non-existing theoretical e-voting system, ignorant of, and ignoring the real risks posed by the current system. They bemoan the state of reasoned debate in Ireland, while failing, abjectly, to review the detailed technical criticisms of the Governments proposal. We would ask them to engage in proper informed debate or to withdraw their remarks.


Dermot Casey 
Irish Citizens for Trustworth E-voting  

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>>> > From listening to DBT on the Leo Enright and Daire
>>> > O'Brien radio shows, it seems to me that the article authors are
>>> > politically naive enough to believe that Nedap/Powervote 
>>should get the
>>> > benefit of the doubt because the Department say they're 
>>experts.  We
>>> > here know they're cowboys, 
>>> Speak for yourself.
>>> I've no reason to suppose Nedap are doing other than the 
>>best they can
>>> to provide the system they are asked to provide.
>>Powervote's development methodology has been documented to 
>>have not real bug
>>tracking and regression testing and several other nasties. 
>>The fact that
>>they have 70000 lines of Object Pascal (as fairly high level 
>>language) just
>>for Ireland means they're clearly doing something terribly wrong.
>>I'm not sure about Nedap's processes, they may be better but 
>>the fact that
>>they claim to have 100% secure software means that they are 
>>by definition
>>snake oil salesmen. They may actually have quite a good 
>>prodcut behind those
>>claims but outright lying about their product (and riding with other
>>cowboys) marks someone as a cowboy to me,
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