[E-voting] Re: Returning officers reports from 2002

Roy Madden roy at informationsecurityireland.com
Tue Apr 13 18:05:35 IST 2004

I thought the use of the word "probably" in the explanation from the 
department of the discrepencies in the end to end testing was unbelievable, 
but these figures outdo even that. If we can get these figures out into the 
wider public domain, I don't see how they can be defensible. Well, other 
than "oh we fixed all those problems". 


Colm MacCarthaigh writes: 

> The votes in the ballot modules did not reconcile with the presiding             
> officers' numbers of votes cast:                                                 
>    Dublin North had +1294 votes                                                  
>    Dublin West had -716 votes  

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