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Some interesting quotes;

		For anyone who still suspects that resistance to e-voting is
led by an opportunistic opposition supported by a minority of Luddites and
cranks, the nature of the people and organisations behind the submissions
will come as a surprise. 
		Besides the contributions from Fine Gael, Labour, the Greens
and the ICTE, many detailed submissions opposing the government's proposals
come from people working in the IT industry, consultancy and academia.
Several submissions come from people who have experience in running
elections. They raise concerns about the proposed system on technical
grounds and on the broader, related issue of retaining confidence in the
voting system.


		The Irish Computer Society submission said it was in favour
of electronic voting in principle. But it argued that the Nedap Powervote
system contained "a fundamental design flaw which renders it unfit for use
in elections and referendums, namely that it does not incorporate any means
to independently verify the results it produces." 

		The ICS is the national body for information and
communication technology professionals in Ireland and is a nominating body
for the industrial and commercial panel of the Seanad. Its electronic voting
committee was unanimous that "under no circumstances whatsoever should any
electronic voting system be implemented which does not include a
voter-verified audit trail".

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Shane Hogan

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