[E-voting] [gone OT] Top Trumps for Taxpayers

Ciaran Mac Lochlainn ciaran17 at eircom.net
Mon Apr 19 11:42:17 IST 2004

Stan Nangle wrote:

>Lets play Top Trumps!
>My 8 Chinook Helicopters beat your 200 Jaguars.
Too rich for my blood.

All I've got is the following exchange from a public meeting in our town 

Resident: What is the Council doing to find land for the cemetery?
Councillor: Well there was an allocation of money, and the council 
bought a site but it turned out the site was in an SAC and Dúchas 
stopped the council from using it...
Resident: You mean to say they paid over the money without checking out 
the site properly?  That's gross incompetence!
Councillor: Oh... I suppose it is.

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