[E-voting] Leaflet, pretty much finished

Cian cian at mongers.org
Tue Feb 3 10:52:49 GMT 2004

My mail elsewhere is not happy, so I'm resending from here. Sorry if
this comes through twice.

Hi there,

I've reformatted that leaflet to be in landscape orientation, ready to
fold into 'pamphlet' form. Basically, think of the column with 'Further
Information' on it as the back of the pamphlet, the pictures as the
front, and the rest folded inside.

I've written a blurb on ICTE and what we're proposing as a solution to
the problems with the proposed system. I've kept the language as clear
as I could. I've also updated the myths to be the most recent versions
discussed on-list. I think that the order they're in is a pretty good

Please proof this, if you have time. I've read over it carefully but I
know from experience that I'm likely to have missed something.


One more thing we need is our own replacement for that circuitboard/
magnifying glass image. The copyright owners said we couldn't use it.
Anyone got some old hardware, a magnifying glass and a digital camera?
Or an alternative image.

Margaret will be printing these tomorrow (er, today - Tuesday), so we
need to fix this all up quickly. If anyone else has printer
capabilities, we might share the printing-load somewhat. We don't think
the images will photocopy well, but if you've got a good photocopier it
might be worth giving it a go.


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