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Karen Devine kadevine at tcd.ie
Thu Feb 5 00:25:05 GMT 2004

This issue could be cleared up with a simple addition of a 'none of the above' 
option at the end of the lists of candidates, even if I say so myself.  Won't 
make much of a difference to/aid the VVAT issue though.  I've popped off a 
letter to Joe Duffy, as people were on his radio show threatening a legal 
challenge over the lack of privacy of the 'non-voting' action.

>===== Original Message From Ryan Meade <ryan at meade.net> =====
>I actually asked one of the demonstrators about this today - it IS possible
>to vote on only one ballot.
>However, it's a rather confusing process. If you leave one of the ballots
>blank, and then press the 'Cast Vote' button, your vote is not registered,
>and you get a message on the little screen asking you to complete the other
>ballot.  If you still want to go ahead with only one ballot completed, you
>can then press the CV button again and your vote will be registered.
>I suggested to the demonstrator that a lot of people are going to find this
>confusing, and may leave the booth thinking their vote had been registered
>after pressing the button only twice.  She said that the polling attendants
>would be able to see that no vote had been registered, and could point this
>out to the voter!
>Easier for everyone, apparently.
>On 04/02/2004 21:08, "Colm MacCarthaigh" <colm at stdlib.net> wrote:
>> I've been asked by various parties to compile by research into a legal
>> challenge, which I am in the process of doing it. From listening to
>> the radio and talking to Bernard Allen today, a lot of noise has been
>> made about the posibility on the legal challenge on the basis that
>> one should have a right to spoil their ballot in secret, something
>> the current system does not allow.
>> Personally, I wouldn't consider such a move wise - since I really don't
>> their is a constitutional (or natural) right to spoil your ballot. But
>> here's another take on it.
>> We all have the right to vote, and we all have the right not to vote.  I
>> think that much can be agreed. But the E-voting system only has one
>> "cast vote" button. At the next election there are two ballots
>> - one for European and one for local counil, and I think in some areas a
>> third ballot (urban counil?).
>> But what if I only want to vote in one? If I'm a non-citizen, I'll
>> get a token that only lets me vote in the local election, but if I'm
>> me - I get a token that lets me vote in both. But there's only one
>> "cast vote" button - and I can't press it without having at least
>> preference on each ballot.
>> But say you're me, and I know a local councillor very well, I'll be
>> voting for him. For the european election, maybe noone interests
>> me, so I don't want to vote at all. But I can't. I don't want to
>> spoil my vote, I just want to not-vote for any of the candidates.
>> This effectively means I can't vote, I've lost my constitutional right.
>> I'd appreciate the opinion of any of the leagle-eagles on the list.
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