[E-voting] Other legal challenge avenue

Aengus aengusl at eircom.net
Thu Feb 5 00:49:19 GMT 2004

"Karen Devine" <kadevine at tcd.ie> wrote:

> This issue could be cleared up with a simple addition of a 'none of
> the above' option at the end of the lists of candidates, even if I
> say so myself.  Won't make much of a difference to/aid the VVAT issue
> though.  I've popped off a letter to Joe Duffy, as people were on his
> radio show threatening a legal challenge over the lack of privacy of
> the 'non-voting' action.

It's technically easy to resolve (though it would have to be a "blank
vote" option rather than a "none of the above" option, which is a horse
of a different colour altogether!).

The key issue is that if the system that the Minister insists has been
tested and approved by "international experts" is found to have a vital
flaw, it will demonstrate just how untrustworthy he is. And it will give
his successor time to introduce VVAT :-).

VVAT is the key issue, though. Personally, I would have no technical
problem with the proposed system, if it included VVAT. (I'd still
consider it €40million of wasted tax payers money, and likely to do more
harm than good to democratic particpation, but I don't foresee going
back to the syetm we've had up to now, even if Minister Cullen is proved
wrong by evil hackers depriving FF of every single seat in the next
election :-).


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