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that is wonderful, best of luck, do we get to have someone in the audience asking serious questions?

if you need background on other topics I am a mine of useless information...

>From what I know its 'Magnier' not Magnar, the root cause of the dispute appears to be over the breeding rights of a racehorse. Ferguson was given the racehorse by Magnier for racing and was allowed keep some (or all) of the winnings from races. The real money is in the breeding rights (apparantly this horse could earn up to EUR200 Million). Magnier & Co say Ferguson doesn't have any rights to this breeding rights money. Ferguson says he does and is taking them to court over it. The fighting got dirty and Magnier and used his position on the Board of Man Utd to ask questions of Fergusons involvement in a number of deal and to prevent Man U from giving Ferguson a renewal of his contract for 3 years (its a rolling 1 year contract instead). Some other background http://www.irishexaminer.com/breaking/2004/01/25/story131157.html

My opinion. It's a storm in teacup, a private matter between powerful rich men being washed in public because of who they are and the Club they are both involved with. They are both rich beyond the imaginings of most people, but much appears to want more. Neither of them needs the money so they should donate the bloody horse to a charity who could do some real good with the money. 



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>>I've been asked to be on the panel next Monday!
>>Anyone have any opinions on the "Magnar-Ferguson" thing? I 
>>have so little
>>opinion, I only have a vague idea who one of those people is.
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