[E-voting] membership tool

Adrian Colley aecolley at spamcop.net
Sat Feb 14 18:22:17 GMT 2004

On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 03:13:38PM +0000, Margaret McGaley wrote:
> The membership webform is available now:
> http://evoting.cs.may.ie/membersform.htm
> Thanks to Garreth.

1. It doesn't have a </form> tag, which could break some browsers'
   ability to submit it.

2. It doesn't explain what's meant by "Qualification" or "Affiliation".

3. It lacks any kind of data protection disclosure about what can/will
   be done with the information after the user submits it.  The result
   is that you're legally prohibited from even saving the data to
   disk.  The notice, which should be on the same page, must say
   what the purpose(s) of collecting the data is/are, and how they
   will be disclosed, and to whom.

4. Frankly, I'm not sure what the intended point is in filling out such
   a form.  Is it to become a member of ICTE?  Does membership mean
   supporting the group's stated goals, or something more?  It doesn't
   even say "Fill out this form if you want to join us".

 --Adrian, ever the critic.

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