[E-voting] Re: an accurate description of VVAT

Ciaran Mac Lochlainn ciaran17 at eircom.net
Tue Feb 24 12:18:35 GMT 2004

Roy Madden wrote:

> adam beecher writes:
>> Which is the same as saying that a clever techie couldn't pull the 
>> wool over
>> their eyes in a few swing constituencies; when of course techies have 
>> been
>> doing it for years now with "IT contracts". Let's put another spin on 
>> this,
>> that no-one seems to get: What if Nasty Techie #1 prefers one Fianna 
>> Fail
>> candidate to another, for whatever reason, and hacks the vote 
>> accordingly?
> Well that's exactly the point, the other parties will dispute the 
> count and ask for a recount. I don't obviously understand your point, 
> because this all looks obvious to me.

Not necessarily, if the swing is from one FF candidate to another then 
the other parties won't be entitled to ask for a recount, even if they 
wanted to.  The losing candidate would probably want a recount, but 
might be persuaded to accept "de will o' de peeple".  Recounts between 
candidates from the same party do happen (ISTR one involving Liam Lawlor 
in 1989), but they don't generally turn into the kind of week-long 
affairs we get with the paper system, and I doubt if a contest within a 
party would result in the new system being seriously challenged either.  
So if you want to get away with it, hack votes away from your running 
mate... ;-)

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