[E-voting] Minister for Finance rejects VVAT

Bruce Clark ni at dna.ie
Wed Feb 25 02:20:17 GMT 2004

In a strongly worded statement tonight the Minister for Finance, Charlie McCreevey TD rejected calls for the imposition of VVAT (VAT on voting). "I have no plans to introduce a new tax on the hard-working Irish public. The nay-sayers of the left, techie nerds, hippie blow-ins and the 'democracy industry' would have the good people of Ireland pay tax on votes, but I say voting must remain free. Furthermore, my officials are drafting measures in the forthcoming budget to compensate voters for their participation in the democratic process. The voting machines will be networked to the Revenue Commissioners - on entering the polling booth, you will not need to produce ID, but rather just type in your PPS number and your certificate of tax clearance (unless you plan to vote for Fianna Fail, in which case you will be issued with one vote for every euro you have donated to the party). A vote for Fianna Fail will trigger a tax credit of 100 euro. A vote for Labour will prompt immediate deportation under the Illegal Aliens & Whinging Pinkos Act. A vote for Fine Gael will generate a free referral to a psychiatrist for treatment for clinical depression (medical card holders only). A vote for the Greens will be sent to Windows Recycling Bin. A vote for Sinn Fein will trigger a tax audit and a Special Branch tail. A vote for Joe Higgins will prompt an invitation to visit one of the fine Victorian institutions run by my colleague the Minister for Justice. A vote for an independent will generate a system error of the fatal exception variety. If you attempt to spoil your vote, you will be invited to subscribe to a new service under which Fianna Fail will automatically spoil your vote for you while you stay in bed. This service will shortly be made available to the entire electorate at no charge."

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