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Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Wed Feb 25 10:16:11 GMT 2004

There's not much new in it. I know we should be doing something but the news
people already know what's in this.

If anyone needs a laugh, have a list to Noel Ahern in this. It's beyond
belief. After having it pointed out to him that no computer system is
perfect his defence was that "these are not computers, they're voting
machines" and also "perfect".


The whole studio seems to be laughing at him at one stage and a listener
comment was "that Noel Ahern is a riot, Scrap Saturday is alive and well".

How about a press release ripping the piss out of Noel Ahern?

Seriously though, it would be great if we could somehow publicise his utter
ignorance and associate it with the government. I'm sure anyone listening to
that show, who had yet to form an opinion about evoting, is against it now.

On a more conventional note, we know the government has no report saying
these machines are perfect, all the reports have very narrow terms. So,
after shaming Noel, how about calling on them to name the independent
experts who told them it was "not a computer" and "perfect"?

Or maybe I just want ot let off steam...


On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 12:30:33AM +0000, Margaret McGaley wrote:
> (title has probably been used before)
> [government push ahead with eVoting despite serious concerns]
> Despite growing public distrust of the system, the cabinet decided yesterday
> to push ahead with eVoting. ICTE today expressed concern that the system may
> not be ready for use in June. 
> The Government has committed to allowing voters to spoil their vote in the
> upcoming local and European elections. .This requires a significant change to
> be made to the machines. Not only will the alterations have to be designed and
> then tested and certified, but each of the 7000 machines will have to be
> altered., said Margaret McGaley . spokesperson for ICTE, .I strongly urge the
> minister to postpone the introduction of electronic voting. After all, what.s
> the rush?.
> According to ICTE, paperless voting cannot be trusted. .Imagine voting
> consisted of going into a room and telling someone your vote. Then that person
> wrote down your vote behind his hand and put it into the ballot box without
> showing it to you. It wouldn.t matter what kind of assurances you were offered
> that he was trustworthy; you would want to see your vote. This is effectively
> what the minister is asking us to do. We can.t see what happens to our votes
> inside these machines., said Ms McGaley who is calling for the addition of
> printers to voting machines so that voters can see their vote on a piece of
> paper, go into a ballot box. .Voters deserve tangible evidence that their vote
> has been recorded correctly..
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