[E-voting] publishing the votes without compromising secrecy

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Wed Jul 14 17:35:26 IST 2004

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 05:27:23PM +0100, Adrian Colley wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 05:17:37PM +0100, Fergal Daly wrote:
> > I think a problem with that is that you have to take their word for it that
> > they haven't eliminated the wrong people,
> Well, any summary of the ballot results would have to be checked against
> the ballots themselves.  It's the same thing when suppressing the
> "unused" preferences (7th-10th, for instance) -- the last-eliminated
> candidate would want to know that no transfers to him/her were in those
> supposedly-noneffective preferences.  It's no different when the
> elimination is up front, just less applicable because it would only
> apply when several candidates are eliminated in the first round.

I don't think so. Preferences that come after the final beneficiary of the
vote are entirely irrelevant and are never counted. Preferences that come
before, even those that go to a no hope candidate, did get counted and
therefore could have been miscounted and need to be included in order to
validate the result,


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