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Patrick O'Beirne mail2 at sysmod.com
Sun Mar 7 18:03:33 GMT 2004

At 17:22 07/03/2004, David GLAUDE wrote:
>If someone understand french (in reading) he can check if I properly 
>reported the situation about the ICS thing:
>* http://www.poureva.be/article.php3?id_article=81

Google translation gets me:

IRELAND:  Irish Computer Society claims a trace paper checked by the voter 
Sunday March 7, 2004.  Following a petition signed per a many its members 
the ICS re-examines his position on the will of the government to introduce 
the electronic vote in Ireland.  Under the pressure of its members and the 
public in general, Irish Computer Society comes to publish its 
recommendations for the electronic 
vote:  http://www.ics.ie/article-027.shtml Here a translation of an extract 
of their letter:  "Any electronic voting system must include a trace paper 
checked by the voter.  This means that when the voter votes his on a 
machine, a permanent trace paper of its vote must be printed and checked 
before the electronic vote is recorded.  This trace paper must be preserved 
and recounted in a selection of polling stations with each election to make 
it possible to check the exactitude of the electronic results, as in any 
case where the result of the elections is blamed.  If the least difference 
between counting paper and electronics exists, the paper result must be used."

Their statement does not say "Following a petition signed by many of its 
Simply that they received comments or feedback (phone, email, the usual)
It says "In response to feedback from society members and the general public"

Given Google's limitations, the rest is a good version of
"However, any electronic voting system must include a paper-based voter 
verified audit trail. This means that when voters cast their votes on a 
voting machine a permanent paper record of their votes must be made, which 
can be checked by voters before the electronic record is made of the vote. 
The paper records must be retained and used in a number of randomly 
selected constituencies at each election to audit the accuracy of the 
electronically prepared result, as well as any cases where a result is in 
dispute. Where there is a discrepancy between the paper and electronic 
records, the paper version must take precedence. "

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