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*sigh*, I'll construct a response.

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 08:48:43AM -0000, Keith Martin wrote:
> For those who haven't seen it yet, there's a letter in today's Indo about ICTE:
> Pressures of e-voting
> Sir - I see that the Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-Voting (ICTE) have proclaimed at their press conference last Tuesday (March 2) that e-voting is a threat to Irish democracy. Really? I tend to believe that self-serving, self-appointed pressure groups seeking to thwart the legitimate decisions of an elected Government and Dáil by misrepresenting the truth and causing confusion are a greater threat to democracy.
> ICTE advocate a dual-vote counting system: electronic and the current manual-paper system. They call for accuracy, yet where disputes arise they want the paper system to have primacy, despite such inherent flaws as the random selection of surplus transfers and simple human error. They want to reject the new, accurate and tested system in favour of the older one. Is this is not a Luddite mentality?
> Perhaps, in the interests of transparency and democratic accountability, they could answer a few questions. Why were they so silent when e-voting was test run in the last general election and the Nice referendum? Why were they not as vocal when the Government clearly signalled its plans to introduce e-voting some time back? How are they constituted and are people like me, who believe the proposed system is better, welcome to join?
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