[E-voting] RE: Derek Mooney - FF local election candidate.

Keith Martin keith.martin at concern.net
Mon Mar 8 09:49:28 GMT 2004

He's also a PR & Media Relations consultant.
He's not running in Pembroke (which, I think, would be the local ward
for his address given below, but that may be his business address)
anyway - Chris Andrews and Michael Turley are the FF candidates there.

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		I just Googled on Derek Mooney.
		By a remarkable coincidence I found
		which refers to a Derek Mooney who ran (and was
eliminated) when running for FF in the 1999 locals in Crumlin Kimmage.
		Don't know if he is running in June.
		What's that your saying; the guy should have mentioned
his political affiliation in his letter ... typical leftie nonsense.
		I plan to (politely) telephone him and see if he is open
to argument...

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