[E-voting] Email I sent to D Mooney

John A. Kinsella john.kinsella at ul.ie
Mon Mar 8 10:05:31 GMT 2004

You never know, maybe a potential convert.... :-)


Hi Derek,
saw your letter in Indo today.

I'm a member of ICTE - you asked 
"How are they constituted and are people like me, who believe the
proposed system is better, welcome to join?"

As you'd see on website http://evoting.cs.may.ie/
the mailing list is completely open - Minister Cullen and his staff are
more than welcome to read & send messages on list - and so are you.

We have nothing to hide.

I'd be delighted to email you with some replies to your questions - I
hope they weren't rhetorical!

All the best,

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