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very well phrased and written


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>>Here's my response anyway
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>>				  			Colm 
>>				  Irish Citizens for 
>>Trustworthy E-voting
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>>	In response to the letter of Mr. Derek Mooney regarding Irish
>>Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting (ICTE), I would like to answer Mr. 
>>Mooney's questions regarding our group. Firstly, ICTE is a 
>>group of over one hundred independent citizens, technical and legal 
>>experts. Mr. Mooney is fully welcome to join and partipate in our 
>>discussions. Anyone may do so by joining our open e-mail list 
>>	http://evoting.cs.may.ie/discussion.shtml
>>I take issue with the statement that ICTE are misrepresenting 
>>the truth,
>>ICTE's position has always been that Electronic Voting is 
>>unsafe and unverifiable without a paper record of our votes; 
>>verified by
>>us as voters. This position is endorsed by the Irish Computer Society
>>(the professional body for Irish Computer Professionals), the
>>Association for Computing Machinery and, at the last count, over 200
>>Irish Computer Science Academics. I can assure Mr. Mooney that we are
>>not luddites, but that we are experienced computer professionals fully
>>aware of the risks inherent in any computer-based system.
>>Mr. Mooney claims that our calls for a paper record would lead to the
>>"old" problems of human error and random surplus tranfers - 
>>perhaps Mr.
>>Mooney is not aware that the Electronic Voting system to be 
>>used in June
>>will use randomised surplus distribution and, like any excercise of
>>computer programming, is critically prone to human error. 
>>it is our belief that the system has not been tested adequately - for
>>example, there have been no end-to-end tests involving all 
>>components to
>>be used in the summer.
>>While we genuinely regret our concerns coming to notice so late in the
>>day, members of ICTE have been highlighting the concerns surrounding
>>E-voting for over 3 years. We have had questions asked of the 
>>in the Houses of the Oireachtas, theses researched and written and
>>related issues raised with our elected representatives. 
>>As responsible I.T. professionals, it is difficult for us to 
>>criticise a
>>technical system about which there is little information available. It
>>should be noted that, to date, over 18 months and Euro 1300 has been
>>spent on Freedom of Information requests and appeals to the 
>>Commissioner in efforts to obtain the information neccessary 
>>to analyse
>>the system. 
>>ICTE would fully welcome transparency and democratic 
>>accountability, and 
>>we invite Mr. Mooney and your readership to ask the simple question;
>>How will I be sure that my vote has been recorded accurately? 
>>Electronic Voting affords us no opportunity to verify that for
>>ourselves; is this transparent and democratically accountable?
>>				Colm MacCárthaigh
>>				Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting
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