[E-voting] The VVAT Debate - Technical or Not ?

Margaret McGaley Margaret.McGaley at redbrick.dcu.ie
Mon Mar 8 15:42:31 GMT 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 03:11:51PM +0000, Michael McMahon wrote:
> But, what is an acceptable chance? A 50% chance means checking 50% of  
> constituencies, or ballots whatever.
> A 90% chance means checking 90% etc. What I am saying is that Chaum can 
> give you a higher level
> of assurance for much less effort (mainly the cost of asking the voters 
> to do some checking themselves)

It's much more complex than that. Let's deal with mistakes and fiddles

If they cause a subtle error (one that won't be noticed without examining the
paper trail) then they're only likely to alter the result in a close race, in
which case a recount will likely be called for. 

The % chance of getting caught in any one race would be equal to the % of
constituencies recounted, but the % of getting caught in any of several races
would be much higher. The fact that it's possible to be caught at all, would 
make fiddling a lot less attractive. 


Margaret McGaley
Margaret.McGaley at redbrick.dcu.ie

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