[E-voting] Complaint to the Ceann Comhairle

paul.holden at icsmember.ie paul.holden at icsmember.ie
Mon Mar 8 18:21:37 GMT 2004

There are actually three questions that are worth dealing with separately:
1. Is electronic voting a good idea?
2. Is this type of electronic voting system (no paper record) good?
3. Is this particular electronic voting system (Powervote/Nedap) satisfactory?

In theory, you could answer no to all, yes to the first and no to the other 
two, or yes to the first two and no to the third, or yes to all three (other 
combinations would not be logical).

The participants in this discussion appear to agree that the answer to 2 and 3 
should be no, but less certain about the answer to 1. I'm in the 'no' camp on 
this one also, mainly because a computerised system, no matter how well 
constructed, built, tested and secured is a 'black box' as far as the ordinary 
voter is concerned. They would have to accept on trust that the machine was 
working -- unless you had paper records and 100% validation, which would make 
the whole system redundant.


Quoting Margaret McGaley <Margaret.McGaley at redbrick.dcu.ie>:
> Having thought hard about this, I think the best way to react is to continue
> to be clearly not against electronic voting in general, and keep clearly
> talking about the Nedap/Powervote system.

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