[E-voting] Voting application; Implementation of VVAT

Michael McMahon michaelmcmahon at vodafone.ie
Tue Mar 9 10:46:42 GMT 2004

This is fantastic. How long did it take you to write this?

The reason I ask, is that many (non-technical) people will be gobsmacked
when they find out that it is not as difficult as they might have thought
to write an application which looks similar to the counting system.
(though this demo relates to the voting machine)

You should put that info on the web page.

John Lambe wrote:
> Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
>>Are there any win32 developers on list willing to write a small app?
>>... What I'm think of is a simple interface, just answer yes/no to a
>>There would then be implementation A, which at the end of the voting
>>process gives you the right result, and application B which gives you
>>the inverse result 
> Good idea.
> That occurred to me before (but I didn't get around to doing it) on
> hearing Minister Cullen talking about how the voter could know that
> his/her vote was recorded correctly (because he/she would see it on the
> display).
> I've written a Win32 application as you suggested.
> It's at http://evoting.jlambe.com/download/vm/ .
> It's written in Borland Delphi (Object Pascal), simply because that's
> what I usually use for Win32 development.
> The difference between the two programs is the removal of the keyword
> "not" in one place.
> Send me any suggestions for changes.
> I might write a web-based version aimed at convincing the members of
> the public (but those most easily fooled but Minister Cullen's argument
> are probably less likely to use the Internet).
> Since opponents of a VVAT have claimed that it is unclear how a VVAT
> would work and that there are "serious issues" (Minister Cullen on RTE
> Radio 1 on Saturday) around it, I have written a suggestion on how a
> VVAT could work in practice:
>   [URL]http://evoting.jlambe.com/recommend/vvat.html[/URL]
> My suggestion is based on comparing each individual paper ballot to the
> electronic votes rather than doing a full manual count.
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