[E-voting] More Parliamentary Questions

Michael McMahon michaelmcmahon at vodafone.ie
Wed Mar 10 11:12:25 GMT 2004

Keith Martin wrote:
>>From: Ciaran Mac Lochlainn <ciaran17 at eircom.net>
>>Subject: [E-voting] More Parliamentary Questions
>> 426. Mr. Sargent asked the Minister for the Environment, Heritage
> and Local Government  >if he expects the introduction of electronic
> voting to have an impact on delays and queues >during peak voting
> times. [7913/04]
>>  Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Mr.
>>Cullen): <snip>It has already been arranged that over  7,000 voting
> machines will be      >available for use at the coming  European and
> local elections compared to an estimated     >6,200 ballot  boxes under
> the paper based system.
> Did it not occur to the esteemed Minister that it takes slightly longer
> to key your preferences for two (or three) ballots into a machine than
> it does to put a pre-prepared piece of paper into a box???

Excellent point. The comparison should be with the number of private
booth thingies, since that is where you ponder the details of your choice
and write on the paper.

You then fold up the ballot and spend about a quarter of a second
putting the ballot in the box.


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