[E-voting] More Parliamentary Questions

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Mar 10 11:20:22 GMT 2004

I don't understand where the extra time is needed for e-voting. Why would 
pressing buttons take longer than writing on paper? Is the delay caused by 
needing staff to activate the machines for each voter?


>>Did it not occur to the esteemed Minister that it takes slightly longer
>>to key your preferences for two (or three) ballots into a machine than
>>it does to put a pre-prepared piece of paper into a box???
>Excellent point. The comparison should be with the number of private
>booth thingies, since that is where you ponder the details of your choice
>and write on the paper.
>You then fold up the ballot and spend about a quarter of a second
>putting the ballot in the box.
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