[E-voting] Re: ogra FF poll

John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Wed Mar 10 18:12:15 GMT 2004

It's currently running at:
  Yes	        8%
  No	       92%	
  Don't Know  0%
with 611 votes.

Maybe non-FF people just found out about it.
Or maybe their own membership *are* against it. Any FF members on the
I wouldn't be surprised to find a high proportion of young people
interested in politics - in any party - against the proposed system
(since they're more likely understand the technological issues and go
to the trouble of finding out about it).

Anyway the question relates to electronic voting in general.
It probably deliberately avoids asking about the proposed system
specifically, though people (including voters) might interpret it as

The 101% could be explained by rounding:
e.g.  Yes        57.6% (rounded to 58%)
      No         39.6% (rounded to 40%)
      Don't know  2.8% (rounded to 3%)

I mistyped the journalist's name in my previous mail: it's John Collins.

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