[E-voting] End-to-end validation (side-issue)

Shane Hogan shane at askaboutmoney.com
Wed Mar 10 20:41:04 GMT 2004

This was one of the key points of our Labour Party report on eVoting from
last year - see http://www.labour.ie/keyissue/detail.tmpl?sku=20031103114416

It got a little bit of press attention then, and I think I heard one of the
RTE journos questioning someone from FF on this point recently.

Regards - Shane

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> Subject: [E-voting] End-to-end validation (side-issue)
> Does anyone feel that the lack of an *end-to-end* validation test is worth
> raising as a side-issue (*) ? It might be dangerous ground for the VVAT
> people but perhaps some group other than ICTE might benefit from it.
> The Minister claims that 'the integrity of the new electronic system has
> been vigorously tested by six independent, internationally accredited test
> institutes'.
> Correct me if I am wrong but each of these tests is for a *sub-component*
> of the system, e.g. voting machine, STV back-end etc. The *system* has NOT
> been tested by any such institute, correct ? So the Minister's claims are
> false or at least misleading and should be retracted, correct ?
> Any fule kno that you can test individual components but when you put them
> altogether you can have a system that doesn't work. The most publicised of
> such cases recently that comes to mind is the Mars Climate Orbiter
> disaster. Lots of very expensive, well-tested modules all supposed to link
> together except one of them used metric units and another imperial.
> --
> John P.
> (*) Of course, the only way that would work would be with a paper-trail.

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