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Ruairi Roddy (TCH) ruairi.roddy at tch.ie
Thu Mar 11 10:34:40 GMT 2004

There's a letter in today's Irish Examiner.




Will the machines deliver a landslide? 

WHY are Bertie and his gang getting so worked up over accusations of
dishonesty, or worse? Haven't they been accused of that for years and it
hasn't knocked a feather out of them?

Still, the vote goes to the root of democracy and without complete
transparency in the new electronic system, we could be in for a shock in
a few years if it was discovered that, after all, there was a secret,
embedded programme which gave the result Fáilers 1, Others 0 regardless
of which buttons the voter pressed. 

Easily done when the programme access code is known only to a carefully
selected few. What might Bertie's reaction be to such a revelation? 

"I didn't know about it personally, so it does not count" or "it's a
minor technical detail I had no control over because votin' has to be
secret" or "dat was din, and dis is now: we'll deal wit it goin

It worries me that Bertie stumbled last week over the term 'good
governance'. He is learning a lot from George W Bush, and weren't there
allegations of cooked books in Florida four years ago? Let's hope that
it's not books that are cooked in June, but Bertie's goose. 

Kevin T Finn, 
King's Square, 
Co Cork. 


Ruairí Roddy
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