[E-voting] ogra FF poll

Patrick O'Beirne mail2 at sysmod.com
Thu Mar 11 11:03:19 GMT 2004

At 10:50 11/03/2004, Michael McMahon wrote:
>"Ogra Fianna Fail rig their own opinion poll, as part of confidence 
>building measure
>  for introduction of e-voting"

I presume that's tongue-in-cheek. All they did was learn the hard way about 
Internet voting. Let's hope the Govt does not  have to learn the hard way 
about evoting. Maybe it'll take, not the landslide that Kevin T Finn 
speculated about, but SF taking Bertie's seat.

BTW list owner, I wonder could you change the setting so Reply-To goes to 
the list?

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