[E-voting] John Lambe's application

Michael McGrath mmcgrathbl at eircom.net
Thu Mar 11 11:39:25 GMT 2004

John Lambe created applications which may be downloaded at http://evoting.jlambe.com/download/vm/ 

The application that records a "Yes" vote as a "No" vote and vice versa demonstrates the possible flaws in the proposed system. Subject to John's consent I propose that we e-mail it to persons on our respective e-mail address books, in the hope that they will do likewise and so on. Would it be possible, for the edification of persons not involved in the debate, to clearly state on the "View Results" page that the proposed system does not allow a voter to verify his vote.

Michael McGrath,
Barrister at Law
Courthouse Chambers,
Washington Street,
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