[E-voting] ogra FF poll

Patrick O'Beirne mail2 at sysmod.com
Thu Mar 11 11:52:03 GMT 2004

At 11:34 11/03/2004, Michael McMahon wrote:
>If they close the poll and claim that twice
>as many respondents were in favour of e-voting then they are being dishonest.

I wonder which is worse in this context, being dishonest or ignorant?

All that "poll" proves is that twice as many web page posts for one 
selection than for another were received over an undisclosed period from an 
unknown set of IP addresses some unknown number of which may have been 
automated or from non-browser applications and others were from an unknown 
number of people who may or may not have cookies enabled in their 
browser.... and so on in terms of possibilities.

(BTW I take back that request for reply-to change. I had wanted more 
convenience for myself without thinking of the expense of increased risk 
for the list ... kind of a metaphor for much of the source of Internet 

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