[E-voting] ogra FF poll

Paul Barry ievote at cutehoor.com
Thu Mar 11 12:53:07 GMT 2004

Michael McMahon wrote:
> Whoa! (12:10 pm) Its back up to 734 again (furious sounds of extracted 
> ballots
> being stuffed back in again) :)
> Now the score is 82% no , 17% yes, 1% dont know.

Hmm. Close, but still impossible. Last night the poll read 711, 92% / 
7%. That's roughly 654 votes against and 50 for.

Assuming there was a last minute flurry of YES voters and all the those 
23 votes were yes, that would be 73 out of 734 or about 10%. But Ogra 
shows 17% YES.

Note to Ogra's returning officer: If you're going to rig a vote, at 
least make the result mathematically possible.

"Vote early, vote often, use a computer and don't audit."

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