[E-voting] submission, suggested format

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Mar 11 14:19:07 GMT 2004

I think we should have the detail (or references) somewhere because 
presumably these non-technical people will be responsible enough to get in 
their own technical experts to help them evaluate the submissions.  (And 
even if they don't, at least they can't say we didn't give them the 
technical detail and claim that our concerns are therefore grounless.)

So--a brief, easy-to-read summary with clear recommendations; followed by a 
readable (no jargon) explanation of our specific concerns relating to 
accuracy and secrecy; followed by a more precise technical section 
correlating to the previous non-jargon section, including references as 
necessary.  That would be my suggested format.

It needs to be both simple (non-technical sections, clearly labelled as 
such) and also complete (later section with some technical detail).


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