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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 15:06:54 -0000
Subject: Evoting Survey Questions

Dear Margaret,

I've been following your well organised evoting campaign with interest and
commend you on the work of the ICTE in bringing the matter into the public

I'm compiling a list of questions for an online survey at the moment for 54
Degrees' online advocacy mailing list. This list consists of people who have
taken part in online advocacy campaigns managed by 54 Degrees in the past and
opted in to our list. It consists of approximately 2000 people and has grown
through www.vatcampaign.com, www.fightfees.com , and www.focusireland.org .

While the list is not composed of experts it does consist of people who have
used the Internet to contact their TDs and have an interest in Political
issues. The survey will be asking questions about their attitudes to politics
on the Internet, demographics etc. I would like to offer you the opportunity
to submit up to 3 questions to the survey in relation to evoting in Ireland.
I'll run any edits past you before proceeding. All results will be made public
there won't be any shenanigans like the ogra poll :-). 54 Degrees has no
Political affiliations.

Feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss it or submit your suggested
questions by email.

As the ICTE discussion list is an open list, I expect both sides of the
issue will be represented in suggestions. Naturally, no obvious bias in
phrasing of questions should be included and submissions for possible
questions are open to all, those who may be in favour of the proposed system
and those in favour of a VVAT system.

I'd also be happy to hear other suggestions for questions outside of evoting
but related to the Internet/IT in Politics.

Kind Regards,

Eugene Flynn

54 Degrees Ltd.
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Dublin 6

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