[E-voting] letter to the commision

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Thu Mar 11 16:39:14 GMT 2004

Below is a propoed letter to the commision, asking if they will consider
accepting presentations (might aswell ask) :)

					Colm MacCárthaigh
					Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting
					Dublin 6.

					Email:	colm at stdlib.net
					Phone:	[number]

The Commision on Electronic Voting
Kildare House,
Kildare Street.

To whom it may concern,

	Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting (ICTE) are currently in the
process of finalising a submission to the commision on Electronic Voting,
and such a submission will follow in the near future. 

	On behalf of ICTE, while recognising the time constraints placed upon 
the commision, I would like to request that the commision consider accepting
in-person presentations on the secrecy and accuracy of the chosen 
Nedap/Powervote system and the testing thereof from interested parties.

	ICTE and members of ICTE have given such presentations to members of 
the press, political representatives and the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the
Environment and Local Government and believe that they are an invaluable means
of communicating points of a subtle and technical nature, an opportunity to 
respond more directly to questions and to offer clarifications where sought.

Is mise le meas,

					Colm MacCárthaigh
					Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting


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