[E-voting] Commission on Electronic Voting

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Thu Mar 11 18:08:53 GMT 2004

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> So rather than focussing on how VVAT is an acceptable solution, we need to
> focus on how no-VVAT is not not acceptable. These are not quite the same.

I agree, and this raises an important issue. It is not our responsibility to
provide the VVAT solution. The Government's spin that 'there are no VVAT
machines in the market' does not negate the importance of VVAT. It is our
responsibility to point out the critical importance of VVAT - It is up the
guys in the Dept to find a suitable system. If none can be found, then no
eVoting - simple eh?

> For example givng a detailed description of some particular VVAT system
> would be pointless. 

It is important that we demonstrate the general principle of VVAT and how it
should work.

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