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Patrick O'Beirne mail2 at sysmod.com
Thu Mar 11 18:28:51 GMT 2004

At 16:47 11/03/2004, mmcgaley at cs.may.ie wrote:
>Time-wasting technophobes holding us up

Don't be too sensitive on this - he is after all referring to those talking 
about spoiling votes, and politicians jumping on the technical criticism 
He's not referring to ICTE at all, and it is true that technophobes will 
use this excuse too.

"undignified debate is creating the perception in the public mind that 
technology cannot be trusted." simply means than dignified debate is needed 
which means that those who advocate how technology CAN be trusted should 
find a supporter in Jim Power.

I suppose people should recognise that the name ICTE is FOR trustworthy 
e-voting, rather than against e-voting.

The reference to China is strictly on economic terms, which is just as 
well. I'm sure Jim would not go as far as proposing their standards of 
governance as ones we should follow.  It is those standards that make 
groups like ICTE insist that if we do something it should be done properly 
and not in a way that those who have been there before us are now trying to 
patch up. Send him that CNN link about the US retrofitting paper trails.

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