[E-voting] Submissions to the Commission

Stan Nangle stan at voyager.ie
Thu Mar 11 23:17:53 GMT 2004

Hi all,

While the ICTE should undoubtedly make a submission, and hopefully the Commission will 
allow that submission to be made verbally, (Good thinking Colm) it is also important that 
everybody - everybody - who has an opinion on this issue should make an individual 

The Commission will announce how many submissions they received, and it is critical that 
the number be in the thousands, not in the dozens.

I suggest that we all take on board the points made during the drafting of the ICTE 
submission, but we should all write individual submissions rather than multiple copies of 
one document.

It may also prove useful to set up a server to hold copies of the individual submissions -
 for those who want to make their's public. This could be done using ICTE resources, or 
separately, as appropriate. The benefit is that it would allow journalists and other 
interested parties to review the submissions and comment knowledgably on the material the 
Commission used in reaching its decision.



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