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John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Fri Mar 12 12:26:05 GMT 2004

I agree with Stan Nagle on submitting individual submissions as well as
an ICTE one.
I was thinking of submitting things which might be too detailed for an
ICTE submission myself.

I can provide web and FTP hosting for submissions. If we host
submissions from anyone who sends us them - for and against - it might
become a well-regarded resource by the media and the public (In this
case, we should use a domain name which suggests neither support nor
The commission (link below) says that submissions will be open to
public inspection but doesn't say whether this will be on the web or in
paper form.

The call for submissions is on the CEV web site:

I think that a reasonably detailed description of how a VVAT could work
(stressing that it is just one possible implementation and just for the
purpose of demonstrating feasiblity), as an appendix, would be useful
to rebut any claims that it is not feasible (or of "serious issues"
around it). For example, opponents of VVAT try to give the impression
that, in a VVAT system, we would do a full manual count using random
transfer or surplus.

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