[E-voting] Submissions to the Commission

Stan Nangle stan at voyager.ie
Fri Mar 12 14:22:33 GMT 2004

> As for individual submissions, no one can veto what any citizen decides to
> do but I would suggest that Margaret's point about flooding is valid.  
> Neither the ICTE nor list-members should be seen to have organised a
> 'denial of service' attack.

I can just imagine Martin Cullen on Prime Time with a sneer saying "I don't know what all 
the fuss was about, we only got 10 submissions!"

There is no such thing as a DNOS in this case. The Commission asked for submissions. If 
they haven't the resources to deal with the response they receive, that is a black mark 
against Cullen. If they can't meet their deadline, that is a black mark against Cullen. 
If they haven't dealt properly with the submissions, that is a black mark against Cullen.

As long as we don't send in hundreds of examples of a form letter then we can't be spun 
against - nor can the citizens who make submissions independent of the ICTE

This is all going to hinge on who gets the most plausible Press Release out on May 2nd. 
Everything else is just window dressing.

I am travelling at the moment. I will elaborate further when I get my hands on a computer 
at my destination.



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