Referendum (was [E-voting] Irish Times today - Friday 3/12/2004)

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Sat Mar 13 09:19:37 GMT 2004

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> The referendum is a big spanner in the works - I wonder if the
> referendum will be done on paper, or will more machines be needed?  If
> machines are going to be used, will the software need to be modified?

I don't think the referendum is a big issue. The 2nd round of trials of the
system in 2002 was the Nice referendum in 7 constituencies. So I guess they
have most of the software components available. At worst, they have to
combine some existing components, but they don't have to develop anything

It is likely to mean that one column of buttons on the voting machine gets
dedicated for the referendum, which lowers the bar for those interested in
frustrating eVoting by nominating a larger number of candidates than buttons

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