[E-voting] Re: Re: Irish Times today - Friday 3/12/2004 - about preferendums and e-voting

John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Sat Mar 13 11:23:58 GMT 2004

My apologies ragarding Peter Emerson's letter.

I'm familiar with preferendum voting - I just didn't see e-voting as
being necessary for it.
I prefer PR-STV because I think it is probably less often the case that
the voter can get a result preferable to him/her by voting other than
in his/her actual order of preference (e.g. giving their first
preference to a candidate/option other than their favourite in order to
influence the elimination order in favour of a candidate/option who is
likely to have more transfers to their preferred candidate/option
(PR-STV) or giving the second preference to the least popular option,
etc. (preferendum)). (Although, in a preferendum, giving the first
preference to anyone other their favourite is never beneficial).
Anyway, voting in the parliament does not have the same problems since
it is not secret.

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