[E-voting] Re: E-voting Digest, Vol 11, Issue 46

John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Sat Mar 13 11:31:09 GMT 2004

Distribute the application freely. I've included very loose license
terms in it, relating only to distributing modified versions (I was
almost going to declare it public domain).

I think that only the more guillable would find it interesting, though.
However, computer-literatele people might use it to convince others.

An analogy:
A small group of people are going to vote on something (it could be a
Yes/No referendum).
There is one neutral person with them, who agrees to act as returning
Each person tells the returning officer his/her vote in secret.
The returning officer does not record it but remembers it.
When everyone has voted, he/she announces the result.

When someone wants more assurance that the result is accurate, the
returning officer gets some pieces of paper and a pen and writes out
the individual votes as he/she remembers them, then counts these papers
(equivalent to the printing of ballots in IES).

People might not be reassured, yet not want to question the integrity
of the returning officer.

I'll be at the meeting. I might be a bit late.

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