[E-voting] Terms of Reference ("TOR")

Patrick O'Beirne mail2 at sysmod.com
Sat Mar 13 16:10:31 GMT 2004

At 15:35 13/03/2004, Dr J Pelan wrote:
>So we have to embed the notion of auditing as essential to
>accuracy but also that it needs to be a continuous process - applied
>through-out to every machine and to every vote.

That's the key. It is not a matter of whether some machines perform 
correctly in some test scenario. (That is merely a pre-qualification for 
that type of machine and software being used at all) It is whether every 
machine accurately and securely records every vote every time it is used, 
and when for reason of any failure it does not then that fact is known so 
that corrective action can be taken. In the absence of knowledge there is 
not corrective action possible therefore accuracy and security cannot be 

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