[E-voting] CEV submission -- draft

Adrian Colley aecolley at spamcop.net
Mon Mar 15 02:02:45 GMT 2004

Here's my draft of the submission.  As agreed at the meeting on Saturday,
I'm handing it over to Colm (though I'm late because Sunday ended almost
two hours ago).  Comments, contributions and edits are of course welcome
(the earlier, the better), but you should direct them to Colm rather than
to me.  He has the conch.

I have no emotional attachment to any part of this draft.  It's in LaTeX
format just because; Colm can change it if he feels like it.  A PDF
version is available at

There are comments in the LaTeX source marking facts which need checking
and so on.  I'll check my own facts and send any changes to Colm.  But
first I'll get some sleep.

I'm sure I've left a lot of stuff out.

A new thing is that I looked at the PTB's evaluation of the random
placement of ballot records within the ballot module.  It _isn't_
random enough.  If you know the preferences of voters #1 and #3, and
they're unique, then you can deduce voter #2's preferences with 100%
accuracy just from examining the order of ballot records on the
ballot module.  It doesn't matter how many ballots are stored on the
ballot module.  Apparently 80% of all ballots are unique.  I think
this is a real honest-to-God showstopper for the ESI2.  The storage
strategy is really cheesey if you take a look at it.


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