[E-voting] Irish Times - Monday 15/3/2004 (minor reference to SBP poll)

John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Mon Mar 15 10:28:30 GMT 2004

Article: "FG selects McGuinness for East constituency"

There is a reference to the SBP poll at the end of the article:

"Most voters think the Government should scrap its plan to introduce
the electronic voting system in the June elections, according to an
opinion poll in the Sunday Business Post.

The telephone poll of 1,006 adults by Red C Research and Marketing
found that 58 per cent believed use of the system should be postponed
until it was modified to include a paper-based back-up of the
electronic vote.

While 41 per cent of respondents were concerned that someone may be
able to manipulate the system to tamper with the outcome of the
election, 68 per cent said they were happy that the system would
accurately record their vote."

I found nothing on it in Saturday's Irish Times (I search for
"electronic voting" and "e-voting").

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