[E-voting] CEV submission -- draft

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Mon Mar 15 10:37:45 GMT 2004

>  Apparently 80% of all ballots are unique.  

I doubt this is true.I checked the 2002 raw data
from Dublin North and there were only 3214 unique votes
out of a total of 43942 (which is 7.3%) with 12 candidates.

Do this on any Unix system

tail  +2 votes.txt  | sed -e 's/"[0-9]*";//' | sort | uniq -d | wc -l

That will tell you the number of unique votes in the named csv file
(assuming the raw data can be trusted obviously)

It would be interesting to look at the other constituencies
but I doubt it could ever be as high as 80%.

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