[E-voting] CEV submission -- draft

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Mon Mar 15 13:54:27 GMT 2004

It's very good, especially the bit at the end about article 26. My only 
criticism is that I think someone who is not already familiar with the issues 
and with computers might find it a bit difficult,


On Monday 15 March 2004 02:02, Adrian Colley wrote:
> Here's my draft of the submission.  As agreed at the meeting on Saturday,
> I'm handing it over to Colm (though I'm late because Sunday ended almost
> two hours ago).  Comments, contributions and edits are of course welcome
> (the earlier, the better), but you should direct them to Colm rather than
> to me.  He has the conch.
> I have no emotional attachment to any part of this draft.  It's in LaTeX
> format just because; Colm can change it if he feels like it.  A PDF
> version is available at
> http://www.iol.ie/~aecolley/icte-cev.pdf
> There are comments in the LaTeX source marking facts which need checking
> and so on.  I'll check my own facts and send any changes to Colm.  But
> first I'll get some sleep.
> I'm sure I've left a lot of stuff out.
> A new thing is that I looked at the PTB's evaluation of the random
> placement of ballot records within the ballot module.  It _isn't_
> random enough.  If you know the preferences of voters #1 and #3, and
> they're unique, then you can deduce voter #2's preferences with 100%
> accuracy just from examining the order of ballot records on the
> ballot module.  It doesn't matter how many ballots are stored on the
> ballot module.  Apparently 80% of all ballots are unique.  I think
> this is a real honest-to-God showstopper for the ESI2.  The storage
> strategy is really cheesey if you take a look at it.
>  --Adrian.
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